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Afbeelding Zwagerman - Americana bookreview

Book Review: Joost Zwagerman – Americana

Before I read Americana I was not familiar with Joost Zwagerman’s writing and neither did I know that he was fascinated by American culture. However, this particular book caught my interest, because it addresses more than just a collection of

Geert Mak reizen zonder JOhn

Book Review: Geert Mak – Reizen zonder John

“For us, children of the Fifties,” Geert Mak explains, “the United States was a dream country.” Mak, famous for his historical work on the city of Amsterdam and the European continent, describes in Reizen zonder John his journey through the

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We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident

As history is the tale of the victor, from a Northern perspective, the Old South can easily be blamed for the agitation, the collapse of the Union, and eventually Civil War over the institution of slavery. The Northern victory in